Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Autism Story

A friend of mine shared their "autism" story, so I thought I would share ours. Our oldest had a pretty normal birth but spent a week in ICU due to high billy ruben levels. (no playing the what if game.. but i hate that his eyes were covered for a whole week for long periods of time). CJ loved to be in the sling I used. I carried him around in that until I was too pregnant with Nola to carry him. He also loved to sit quietly and look a books. (I think he may have be hyperlexic) He was such a quiet well-behaved guy. I was a "baby wise" mom and he took right to the schedule (now I think he needed that and it probably helped alot.) i remember my friend Angie use to tell me all the time what a good baby I had. He smiled alot and really did like to get his picture taken. As we moved along, his development was "normal". As a toddler he had some issues with biting but I thought it was probably just "toddler behavior". We had the darnest time toilet training him and I was sure he would not be in Kindergarten (he was by 4 ish). He went to ABEKA PK4 and his teacher talked about how smart he was, but that he was always moving. He had a hard time sitting to do work and writing, but he was fine at home. Out in public he was always a little hyper but it didn't phase me. CJ was born in late July but we decided to put him in K the fall he was 5. That was a bad decision and by Oct we had to pull him out of school. He was upset and having behavior issues. I took him home, put him back in PT PK and let him grow and mature for a year. 

We tried a private school the next year in a K,1,2 multi age class. ANOTHER bad idea. the school insisted I put him on ADHD meds. That was a hard decision and one I still regret. He needs them now but he didn't then. It seemed like every week we were at the doctors either increasing or changing the meds. My little guy didn't act like himself, sometimes put his head in his backback and would trhash around. It was hard for me. So once again I pulled him out of school (actually the school requested it but told me Nola could stay!) 

The next year we went back to our public school. I met with them in the spring and was able to meet CJ's teacher for the next year, Tin. Jett was born late April and by the fall of CJ's second 1st grade year, I put Jett in half day daycare, so that I could get a PhD in CJ. 

I went to Sensory workshops, ADHD conferences, read countless books, worked with therapist (for me and him), got him in OT and PT. The year earlier I started to question if it was Asperger's but everyone told me "No Way", he made eye contact, he wants friends!! so we keep going down the ADHD road. That school year was a good turning point. I told Tin that I didn't care if he "learned" anything that year, I just wanted him to love school. I went up to school and brushed him 3 x's a day, and started all the therapies (except ABA, I didn't even know what that was). We met an amazing Nueropsych there Dr Audrey Don and she did one on one therapy with CJ. I still have her notes. I learned so much from her. 

We then moved to GA and CJ started 2nd grade. Another horrible year. My guy would all but fall out of the car everyday when arriving at school, he had what seemed to be no executive functioning skills. He lost everything and his teacher (although) sweet was not equipped to help him. I felt like I lived in the move Groundhogs day" b/c everyday we would have the same conversations on the way to school. Somedays I wanted to scream. No one would even consider a IEP b/c he was just too smart!! We had meeting after meeting. The school psych even told me that if I would concentrate on my other children and stop perseverating on CJ, he would be fine!! (Yes folks there was about 10 other people int he room including a state parent advocate I brought). But b/c I would not give up, he agreed to sent out the GADS (Gillian's Asperger's Diagnostic Scale). A probable score is 100. His teacher's scores were 125 and ours were around 120. So off we went to have more psych testing done. The results came back that he was on the spectrum. Funny but I am probably the only person that was relieved to hear it. I knew my guy was different but everyone had us going in different directions. 

Next I had to fight for a IEP, b/c he was "so smart". (Being smart does not mean you don't have deficiencies!!) within the first semester of his 3rd grade year, I once again pulled him so that he could go to a school closer to my where I worked. THANK GOODNESS. it was a good fit. but at the end of that school year we moved to TX. 

My TX story is too long to tell but the best part of all of the TX Randolph ISD drama was that CJ began getting ABA with a amazing BCBA. Ashley (and several others Anissa) helped us in so many ways. (and got me stated on a new career path). 

Over the years we have had amazing ST, OT , PT and BCBA's. I am so thankful for everyone that helped (including grandparents). He is now 17 and it is still hard but he has come so far and that is easy to forget when you are in the middle of it. It really does take many hands to make light work. Thank you to everyone that encourages and prays for us. Through it all we have been so richly blessed!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pre-Screen Form prior to ABA Assessment

This is a form I use as a guide before I assess the child.  I usually call the parent and discuss these point.  Or if time is a limiting factor, I will send it to the parent and ask them to fill it out.  I hope you can use it to drive your assessments.  This is not comprehensive, it is a screening tool to better prepare you for the initial assessment. 

Pre-Assessment Screening Form  

Medical History:

Current Medical Concerns:   

Other Therapies: ◻ PT   ◻ OT  ◻ Speech Language  ◻ Other________

Strengths: List and describe skills and behaviors that appropriate and functional for the client.
Note perceived function of behavior ◻ Attention ◻ Escape ◻ Access to Tangible ◻ Automatic Reinforcement

Interfering Behaviors: List and describe priority problem behaviors.

Reinforcers: Activities, objects, people, foods, situations, games that are preferred.

Communication Skills: Primary method of communication:
◻ Picture Communication ◻Sign Language ◻ACC ◻ Verbal ◻Gestures 

Barriers to Communication:
◻Impaired Articulation ◻Impaired Mand ◻Impaired Tact ◻Echoic ◻ Scrolling ◻ Impaired Echoic ◻ Impaired Intraverbal◻Prompt Dependent ◻Weak Speaker Skills ◻Weak Listener Skills ◻Weak Interpretation of Non-Verbal Communication 

Variables that may contribute to aversive behaviors & impede learning:
◻ Auditory Noise ◻ Visual Distractions ◻ Environment ◻ Time ◻ Crowds ◻ Proximity to others ◻ Transitions ◻ Limited MO’s ◻ Failure to Generalize ◻ Negative Behaviors 
◻ Lack of Instructional Control ◻ Impaired Motor Imitation ◻ Sensory Defensive   
◻ Impaired Visual Perceptual Skills ◻ Impaired Social Skills ◻ Prompt Dependent 
◻ Impaired Scanning ◻ Impaired Attending      ◻ Reinforcement Dependent ◻ Self Stimulation ◻ Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors ◻ Hyperactive Behaviors 

Adaptive Living Concerns: ◻ Toileting ◻ Eating ◻ Dressing ◻ Indep. Play ◻ Social Play ◻ Group Skills ◻ Fine Motor ◻ Gross Motor ◻ Household Routines ◻ Bathing ◻ Tooth brushing ◻ Hair ◻ Cleaning ◻ Cooking ◻ Leisure Time

References: VB-MAPP M. Sundberg, Conducting School-Based Functional Behavioral Assessment M. Steege & T.S. Watson

Fun Poem....Twas the Night Before Social Groups

T’was the night before social groups, the first of June
All the ABA therapist were stirring, whistling a happy tune
The curriculum was ready, all activities prepared
In hopes that all the children soon would be there.

On the 2nd, the children awoke all fresh from their sleep
With visions of games and toys and friendships to keep
Behavior Matters’ staff a work with a smile
Ready to go the extra mile.

​When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
The therapists sprang to the ​window to see what’s the matter.
Out of the window, they saw in a flash
A gaggle of children approaching the clinic in a dash.

While the sun did shine for 20 hours straight
Giving hopes of a summer’s activity that just can’t wait.
As the children arrived we heard the names they would call
Hi Chad, Hey Dale, they ran through them all
Then into the clinic with children in tow, 
I heard someone exclaim, “It’s fun time, let’s go!”
Written by J & R. Edge

Why center based ABA?

What Center Based ABA?

Lately I have heard the question, "Why are you moving out of the homes and into a clinic?"  We have moved to a clinic-based model with home and community supports for many reasons.  

Materials. When you take a tour of the clinic you will see that for most skills/ goals we have at least 3 different games, cards or books that will be used to probe the skill.

Natural Environment Training. The environment is more like a child’s natural environment.  All of the therapy rooms allow for more than one child working at a time.  Through this, we work on attending skills and instructional control.  

Controlled Environment- Toys and reinforces are placed out of reach or hidden so that children have to request items and will not have free access.  This helps us to continually assess their manding (requesting) skills.  The key communication skill!  We are also able to better access the function of a behavior because we are able to control the environment.  We have smaller spaces if a clients needs to work in a quiet, more sterile space.

Therapist training and supervision.  A BCBA or BCaBA is always at the clinic.  At any given time a supervisor can train the therapist on a technique or work with a child.

Generalization. With a variety of therapist and clients working together, skills can be probed to test for generalization with different people and situations.  For this same reason, we will have some sessions in the home and or community.

Group Work.  Clients are able to work on projects together.  Allowing one therapist to lead and one therapist to take data.

Social Skills.  Clients are able to play and work with peers.  Allowing us to work on social goals and every session.  

We love working with you and your child.  We are striving to provide the highest quality of therapy.  A combination of the principles, techniques, and instructional methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) will be used to teach children communication skills, academic skills, social skills, imitation skills, self help skills, play skills, and any skills necessary to decrease undesirable behaviors in a small group format. In addition to learning the skills above, this format also provides each child with opportunities to practice skills that will be necessary for him/her to be successful in a school setting. 

Games for ABA Programing: Feature, Function and Class

Some great games to teach FFC:

S'Match Board Game

A new take on the classic memory game, S’Match. Challenges young players to find matching pairs by color, number or shape. Each player’s turn begins with a spin of the S’Match. Spinner, and the attribute on which it lands determines the type of match you search for. Pictures and words help pre-readers and early readers play together for hours of memory-building fun.

Think Fun S'Match

A new take on the classic memory game, S’Match challenges young players to find matching pairs by color, number or category. Only here, it’s the S’Match Spinner that decides which way to match and every player gets a spin. Pictures and words allow pre-readers and early readers to play together and enjoy hours of memory-building fun.

With Both of these games, the player spins the wheel and is give a feature, function or class.  Then like a typical memory game must turn over two cards to try to find a match.  For an early learner I start with cards facing up because the focus is more about seeing if they can select based on the Sd (what they spun for).  As they become proficient in this area, then you can play it like a regular memory game.  Kids our clinic real like this game.

Hit that Hat

This is really a matching game but there are 3 feature that must match for the player to hit a hat.  I think this an excellent game to play as we are teaching features of an item.  You might also begin with just 2 dice.  but put the dice in a bag and have the player select a different 2 every time.

BTW...I love a bargain and I recently found this at my local Tuesday Morning for only 7.99 :)

Grab bag.  

Pick up those free toys at Garage Sales and make yourself a grab bag of items.  Then make cards with Feature, Functions or Classes.


Features: Body parts, Arms, legs, long hair, short hair, color, shape, size, has wings
Function: Things that Go, move, walk, fly, floats, talks, you eat
Class: Animal, Vehicle, Transportation, Bug, Insect, Zoo Animal, Wild Animal, Farm Animal

Feature Function Class


Vehicle, flies in the air, has wings, big, takes you to other towns, lands at the airport
Where airplanes land, where pilots work, place you go to go on vacation, has terminals, has gates
Animal, reptile, has sharp teeth, lives in swamp, has rough skin
Has a siren, takes you to the hospital, comes when you call 911, ride in it, vehicle
Lives in an ant hill, bites you, lives outside, bug
Has stem, has seeds, fruit, eat it, food, has red/green skin
White, round, small, swallow it, chew it, makes you feel better, medicine, take it when you’re sick, take it when you have a headache


Little, sleeps in crib, wears diapers, eats baby food, cries a lot, person
Put books in it, carry it on your back, take it to school, hang in the 
closet at school, has straps, has zippers
Food, eat for breakfast, brown, crunchy, greasy, cook it on the stove
Made of paper/cloth, put stuff in it, carries groceries/toys/etc.
Round, has a hole in the middle, put cream cheese on it, eat it for breakfast, food
Round, kick, roll, throw, catch, throw, toy, filled with air
Has air in it, round, you blow it up, it floats in the air, at birthday parties
Yellow, fruit, eat it, monkey eats it, peel it, yellow, long
Sticky, put it on a boo boo, keep it in the bathroom, use it when you get a cut
White, round, throw it, catch it, hit it with a bat, toy
Baseball Mit
Catch baseballs with it, brown, toy, baseball players use it
Round, has lines around it, bouncy, play with it, shoot baskets with it, 
Toy, girls play with it, play dress up with, drives a Barbie corvette, is a doll
Made of wood, long, handle, hit balls, use it in baseball, toy/sports equipment
Bathing suit
Clothing, wear in the pool, wear when you swim, boys-has a string, has 
pockets, girls-has straps
Where the potty is, where you take a bath, room in the house, 
Has a faucet, has a drain, take a bath in it, fill it with water, where you go to get clean, in the bathroom
Where you build sand castles, ocean is there, ride the car to get there, play in the sand
Has blankets, pillows, sheets, and mattress, sleep on it, in your bedroom, where you go at night, where you go when you’re tired, furniture
Has a bed, closet, nightstand, where you go to sleep
Yellow and black, has wings, has stinger, buzzes, insect/bug, lives in a hive, makes honey
Made of leather, has buckle, holds your pants up, clothing
Ride, pedal, has handle bars, has tires, has a seat
Bike helmet
Wear on your head, protects your head, wear when you ride your bike, wear 
when you rollerblade, has a strap
Animal, flies, chirps, has feathers, lives in a nest, has wings
Birthday Party
Where you get presents, has cake and ice cream, play games, has balloons
Keeps you warm, on your bed, made of cloth
Appliance, in the kitchen, makes smoothies, has a glass/plastic pitcher, 
goes fast and slow
Has lots of movies, where you go to rent movies, where you go to rent games
Toys, build with them, different shapes. Made of wood/plastic, keep them in playroom, at school
Floats on water, take a ride on it, vehicle, go fishing on it, has a motor
Has a cover, has pages of words & pictures, read it, made of paper, found 
at a library
Store, buy books, has lots of books,
Dish, round, use when you eat, put cereal in it, found in kitchen
Made of metal, wear on your wrist, has a clasp, jewelry
White and brown, has crust, eat it, use it to make a sandwich, use it to make     toast/French   toast, food
Food, eat it, cook it, green, grows in garden, is a vegetable
Has a handle, has bristles, sweeps up dirt, cleans the floor
Food, eat it, dessert, brown, bake them
Use on your hair, fixes your hair, has a handle, has bristles
Bubble bath
Comes in a bottle, pour it in the bathtub, makes bubbles, smells good
Has many legs, has eyes, has wings, lives outside, you squish it, insect
Burger King
Restaurant, where you get a hamburger, where you get French fries, has a 
Yellow, comes in a wrapper, put on food, buy at the grocery store
Has wings, antennae, flies in the air, is pretty, insect/bug
Buzz Lightyear
Woody’s friend, in toy story, is a space ranger, says “To infinity and beyond”
Holds sand, play with at the beach, has a handle


Sweet food, eat a birthday parties, put frosting on it, put candles on it, 
comes in slices/pieces
Cake pan
In the kitchen, kitchen utensil, pour cake batter in it, bake cakes in it, 
put in the oven
Has months, days, dates, tells you the date, hang it on the wall
Takes pictures, uses film, has buttons, has a lens, uses a battery
Sweet, food, snack, sticky
Candy bar
Covered with chocolate, shaped like a rectangle, sweet, comes in a wrapper, eat it, food
Can opener
Appliance, opens cans, has a sharp blade, in the kitchen
Has a wick, made of wax, burn it, makes light, put it on a birthday cake, use it when the lights go out
Ride in, vehicle, has wheels, horn, seat belts, goes fast, has steering wheel
Says meow, animal, purrs, kitten, has 4 legs/paws, is a pet, has whiskers, pet it, furry, drinks milk, eats cat food
Put in the CD player, put in the computer, round and flat, plays music, 
plays games
Ceiling fan
Hangs from ceiling, has blades, turn on, turn off, keeps you cool
Food, crunchy, put in a bowl, pour milk on it, eat with a spoon, eat for 
You sit in it, made of wood or plastic, has a back, furniture, at the table, has legs
White, use on the chalkboard, teacher writes with it, long, writing utensil
Teacher writes on it, use chalk on it, black/green, in the classroom
Keep it in the fridge, get it at the grocery store, put it on sandwiches/pizza/etc, is food
Has feathers, has beak, has wings, lives on a farm, animal, says “bawk bawk”
Chicken nuggets
Round, get at McDonalds/BK, eat with barbeque sauce, food, eat for dinner/lunch
Salty food, made from potato, crispy, come in a bag, eat it for a 
snack/with lunch
Get presents, Christmas tree, stockings, Santa Claus, holiday, in December
Christmas tree
Put ornaments on it, put lights on it, put presents under it, plant, green, 
Chuck E Cheese
Where you get pizza, restaurant, wear Chuck E Cheese lives
Restaurant, where you get pizza, has video games
Tells time, has two hands, is round (usually)
In your bedroom, where you put your shoes, where you hang your shirts, 
where you hang your pants, has clothes in it, has doors, room
White, fluffy, in the sky, where rain comes from
Has buttons, collar, wear it when it’s cold, hang it in the closet, clothing
Coffee maker
Appliance, makes coffee, gets hot, put coffee in it, turn on and off, made 
of metal and plastic, has buttons, has a clock
Coke (soda)
Drink from a can, has bubbles, pour from a can, is brown, drink
Use on your hair, fixes your hair, has teeth, made of plastic
Found in office, has a mouse, turn it on, play games on it, type on it, keyboard, toy
Food, eat it, sweet, snack, found in the pantry, eat it with milk, has chocolate chips
Cookie cutters
Use when you bake cookies, different shapes, cut dough, kitchen utensil
Cookie sheet
Bake cookies on it, made of metal, flat, put in the oven, bake ware, kitchen 
Has pillows, soft, sit on it, lay on it, in the TV room, furniture
In the kitchen, put toaster on it, put blender on it, flat, hard, made of 
____, wipe off with dishrag
Has tail, has udders, makes milk, lives on a farm, says “moo”, animal
Shaped like a square/rectangle, salty, eat for a snack, food
Made of wax, comes in different colors, color with it, use in coloring 
books, sharpen it
Cream cheese
White, keep it in the fridge, spread it with a knife, put it on a bagel, food, eat it
Has railings, mattress, sheets, mobile, in a babys room, babies sleep in it, furniture
Pour drink into, find in a kitchen, has a handle
In the kitchen, holds dishes, holds glasses/cups, above the countertop, 
where clean dishes go
Has frosting, sprinkles, wrapper, eat it at birthday parties, food
Made of fabric, hang on the window, block out the sun, make the room dark


Has sharp teeth, 4 legs, scaly skin, lived a long time ago, animal
Outside, brown, gets you dirty
In the kitchen, wipe counters with it, wipe dishes with it, made of cloth
In the kitchen, washes dishes, appliance, has a door, has two racks, uses 
dishwashing soap
Disney World/Land
Where Mickey Mouse lives, has lots of rides, see Pooh, Woody, etc
Dental floss
White, comes in a box, get it at the dentist, use it to clean between your teeth, get it at the dentist’s office
Dentist’s (office)
Where you go to get your teeth clean, where the dentist works
Furniture at school, sit at it, do schoolwork at it, made of metal and wood, has 4 legs
Doctor’s (office)
Where you go when you’re sick, where you go to get a shot, where you go to get medicine, where the doctor works
Animal, pet it, barks, furry, likes to run, eats bones, puppy, says woof, is a pet
Open it, close it, use a key to open it, has a handle, has windows, has a 
Round, has a hole in it, tastes sweet, eat it for breakfast, is a food
In your dresser, in a desk, holds _____, opens and closes
Dryer (clothes)
Has dials, heats up, in the laundry room, put wet clothes in it, appliance
Has feathers, a bill, webbed feet, says quack quack, swims in the pond, animal, bird


For girls, wear in your ears, wear when you have your ears pierced
Have two, hear with them, on your head
Easter egg
Shaped like an oval, dye it, hide them, Easter bunny brings them, eat them, put them in     your Easter basket
Shaped like an oval, white, has shell, yolk, makes scrambled eggs/fried egg/hard boiled   egg, eat for breakfast, food
Has a trunk, has a tail, lives in the zoo/jungle, animal
Has door, has buttons, goes up and down, takes you to different floors
Gray, animal, has a long truck, lives at a zoo
Made of paper, put a stamp on it, put card in it, put letter in it, send it in the mail
On the end of the pencil, erases pencil marks, pink, use on paper, school 
Has stairs that move, ride it up and down, at the mall
Two of them, see with, blink with them, “color”


Where a farmer lives, has animals, has a barn, in the country, has a tractor, where food is grown
Made of wood/metal, goes around the yard, keeps the dogs in, has a gate
Ferris wheel
Has seats, goes around in a circle, ride on it, at the fair
Has toes, toenails, heel, body part, at the end of your leg
Orange and yellow, hot, dangerous, makes smoke, makes ashes
Fire truck
Vehicle, firemen drive it, has a siren, has a ladder, has red lights
Animal, swims in water, has gills, has scales, has a tail, fisherman catch 
them, eat them, keep in a fish bow/tank
Has batteries, lightbulb, on/off button, use it when the lights go out, makes light
Plant, pretty, water it, grows outside, smells good
Made of metal/plastic, eat with it, has a handle, has prongs, utensil/silverware
French fries
Food you get at BK/McD/Whataburger,  put ketchup on them, eat with 
hamburgers, made from potatoes
Green, 4 legs, slimy, jumps, eats bugs, lives in a pond, animal
Fruit snacks
Shaped like animals/dinosaurs/etc, made from fruit, taste sweet, chewy, come in a bag, snack, food
Fruit roll ups
Snack food, tates like fruit, comes in a roll
Frying Pan
Fry food in it, find in the kitchen, household item


Where the cars/bikes/lawnmower/etc. go, room in the house, has a garage door opener
Garage door opener
Opens/closes the garage, is in the car, has a button
Garbage truck 
Garbage man work on it, picks up the garbage, vehicle
Gas Station
Has gas pumps, car wash, can buy snacks, gas station attendant, get gas there, Texaco/Shell/Chevron/etc.
Gift (present)
Get a birthday, has a bow, unwrap, comes in a box, suprise
Yellow and brown, has a long neck, tall, animal, in the zoo
Wear on your eyes, made of glass and metal, help you to see better
Round, shows the continents, shows the oceans, in the classroom, has a stand
White, sticks things together, comes in a bottle, sticky, school supply
Wear on your hands, keeps your hands warm, comes in pairs, soft
Glue stick
comes in a tube, white, sticky, sticks things together, school supply
Have eye pieces, have a strap, wear around your eyes, wear when you go swimming, keep water out of your eyes, help you see underwater
Come in bunches, have stems, shaped like oval, eat for snack, fruit, food
Green, mow/cut it, grows in the yard, blades, plant
Green beans
Green, put salt/butter/pepper on them, vegetable, something you eat with dinner, food
Greeting card
Send with presents, made of paper, write messages in it, give for 
birthdays, give for holidays
Gets hot, cooks hamburgers, outside in the backyard, uses gas/charcoal
Has strings, made of wood, makes music, play it, musical instrument
Grocery cart
Made of metal, sit in it, put groceries in it, push it, use it at the grocery cart, has wheels
Grocery store
Store, Kroger, Randall's, where you buy food, where you buy _______
Chew it, blow bubbles with it, pink, chewy, sticky


On your head, brush it, wash it with shampoo, put it in a ponytail
Get candy, go trick-or-treating, wear costumes, on October 31st, holiday
Food, eat it, get it at Burger King, cook it on grill, round, put ketchup 
on it, put mustard on it
Tool, made of metal and wood, hit nails with it, build with it, has a long 
Use in the closet, hang shirts/pants/jackets on them,  made of wire, made 
of plastic
Wear it on your head, protects your head, keeps the sun out of your eyes, clothing
Cover your ears, has cord, listen to music on them, plug in to the stereo/computer/tape player
Has propellers, pilot flies it, takes you places
Is long and skinny, hook it up to the faucet, sprays water, waters the lawn
Where you go when you’re really sick, where the doctor works, where the nurse works, where ambulances go
Hot dog
Food, eat it, cook on grill, put mustard on it, has a wiener, put catsup on 
Has lots of rooms, where you stay when you are out of town, has a pool
Hot sauce/Salsa
Red, spicy, eat it with chips, get it at Mexican restaurants, food
Where you live, has a roof, has windows, has a door, Building, people live in it, made of brick & wood, has lots of rooms, construction workers build it 
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Game, you play it, has marbles, toy, has 4 hippos


Cold, shaped like a rectangle, keep in the freezer, made from water, comes from the ice maker/ice cube tray, melts, keeps things cold
Ice Cream
Cold, eat with spoon, eat from a bowl/cone, different flavors, keep in the freezer, get at Baskin Robbins/Marble Slab/etc, sweet, food, dessert
Put it on cake/cupcakes, sweet, eat it, use it to decorate
Ice Cream cone
Holds ice cream, hard, crunchy 


Wear them on your legs, blue, have a zipper, have a button, wear them when its cold, clothing
Cold, jiggly, eat it, dessert, food, tastes like lime/lemon/cherry/etc.
Put it on sandwiches, tastes sweet, sticky, spread it with a knife
Drink it, keep in the refrigerator, pour in a cup, made from fruit, sweet 
drink, drink when you're thirsty, made from apples/grapes/oranges/etc.


Jumps, has a pouch, keeps its baby in the pouch, animal, Kanga and Roo
Red, comes in a bottle, eat with French fries/hamburger/etc, pour it, something you put on food
Unlocks doors, starts the car, on a ring, made of metal
Has the fridge, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, where you go to make food, where you go to eat, room in the house
Green and brown, has little black seeds, fuzzy on the outside, tastes sweet, fruit, eat it, food
White, made from paper, come in a box, wipe your nose with it, use it when you sneeze
Has a handle, has a blade, cuts, kitchen utensil


Has rungs, climb it, helps you get to high places, keep it in the garage
Has water, go skiing, takes vacations there, brown water
Laundry room  
Has a washing machine, has a dryer, where you wash the clothes, room in the house
Cuts the grass, has a blade, has a handle, uses gas, mows
Grows on a tree, change colors, fall on to the ground, rake them up
Put it around the dog’s neck, use it on a walk, keeps the dog with you, hook it on to the collar
Build with them, come in different colors, snap together, play with them at home/school, toy
Yellow, makes lemonade, sour, eat it, fruit, food
Tastes like lemons, sweet, drink it, pour it in a cup, drink when it’s hot
Green, has leaves, makes salads, put it on sandwiches, eat it, vegetable
Place in school, filled with books, where the Librarian works, where you 
check out books
Life jacket
Wear it on a boat, helps you float, protects you, has straps, like a jacket
In the sky, white/yellow, see it when it storms, see it when you hear thunder
Has a mane, yellow, at the zoo, in the jungle, roars, animal
Furniture, has a switch to turn on and off, has a light bulb, makes light, 
plug it in
Where you keep books at school, has a lock, uses a combination, has a 
handle, in the hallway
Has a stick, lick it, sticky, candy
Comes in a bottle, smells good, put it on your skin, use it when your skin is dry


Read it, has pictures, has stories, has pages, comes in the mail
In the front yard, where the mail goes, has a flag, opens and closes
Delivers mail, rides in a mail truck, carries a mail bag
Has stores, buy clothes at it, any other things the child does at the mall
Tells you where to go, has streets/cities/etc., use it when you get lost
Round, small, rolls, use it in games
Different colors, draw with them, have ink
White, soft and fluffy, eat them, food, put it hot chocolate/etc
Made from wood, strike them, make fire, dangerous
Restaurant, get French fries, get hamburger, has a playground, Ronald 
Measuring cups/spoons
In the kitchen, measures, use when baking/cooking,  kitchen utensil
Get from the doctor, makes you feel better, drink it, mommy gives it to you
Merry go round
Has seats, goes round and round, ride on it, at the fair
Has a cord, has a speaker, plug it in to the stereo, talk into it, makes you talk loud
Found in the kitchen, has a door & buttons, shows the time, cook food in, appliance, heats  food up, has buttons, has a clockit, cooks food fast
Comes from cows, pour it, drink it, white, cold, kept in refrigerator
In the bathroom, look in it, can see yourself in it, is flat
Clothing, wear on your hands, keep your hands warm, made from yarn, use in winter
Appliance, mixes cookie dough, mixes cake batter, has beaters, in the 
Made of paper, buy stuff with it, shaped like rectangle, has numbers on it
Made of metal, round, buy stuff with it, count it, jingles
Has brown fur, eats bananas, lives in the zoo/jungle, says “oo-oo”, animal
In the sky, white, see it at night
Vehicle, Mom and Dad ride, has two wheels, has a motor, has handlebars, 
uses gas
Has a long tail, eats cheese, small, says “squeak squeak”
Has lips, on your face, eat with it, talk with it, smile with it, body part
Watch it, is black, shaped like a rectangle, put it in the VCR, watch it on the TV
Movie Theatre
Has movie screens, popcorn, candy, buy tickets, watch movies
Mr. Mouth
Game, has bugs, uses batteries, has 4 hands, turn on and off
Mr. Potato Head
Has eyes/nose/ears/arms/shoes, looks like a potato, toy
Yellow, put it on sandwiches, spread it with a knife, food, eat it


Made of metal, gray/silver, has a head, has a point, sharp, hit it with a hammer, makes   things stick together
Nail clippers
·Made of metal, sharp, use to cut your toenails, cut your fingernails
Nail polish 
Comes in different colors, has a bottle, brush, put it on your fingernails, girls wear it
Made of cloth/paper, wipe your mouth with it, shaped like a 
rectangle/square, use when you eat
 Wear it around your neck, has a clasp, jewelry
Made of branches and twigs, in a tree, where birds live
Black and white, has pictures, has stories, read it
Has contollers, has a cord, play games on it, use it with the TV, toy
Has nostrils, on your face, smell with it,  body part
Made of paper, has a cover, write in it, has a spiral, school supply


Has water, has fish, has sharks, has jellyfish, has waves, swim in it, by the beach
Has 8 legs, lives in the ocean, squirts ink, animal
Round, juicy, orange, eat it, fruit
Has feather, wings, lives in a tree, flies in the air, says “whoo-whoo”, goes out at night
In the kitchen, has a door, has a clock, cook food in it, gets hot, appliance


Round, put syrup in it, eat it for breakfast, food
Clothing, wear them, put on your legs, hangs in the closet, has a zipper, wear with a belt
Use with paintbrush, different colors, paint with them, wet
Has a handle, has bristles, use to paint, use in art
Clothing, wear in your bed, have a shirt and shorts/pants, nightgown, wear 
when you sleep
Comes from trees, write on it, has lines, do schoolwork on it, flat, white
Paper towel  
Made of paper, in the kitchen, comes on a roll, cleans up spills
Has swings, has slides, has a jungle gym, where kids play, where you go to 
climb, outside
Green, come in a pod, food, eat them, vegetable
Write with it, uses ink, long, use with paper, writing utensils, made of 
Made of wood, sharpen it, has an eraser, has lead, write with it, writing 
Utensil, something at school
Pencil sharpener
Made of metal, on the wall/desk, sharpens pencils, has a handle you turn
Black, spicy, put it on food, makes you sneeze
Red, round, spicy, put on pizza, eat them, food
Has yellow pieces, has a timer, pops when the timer goes off, toy
Phone book
Has phone numbers, has addresses, has names, use it to find phone numbers
Has black and white keys, has pedals, makes music, play it
Picture frame
Has a frame, has a stand, put pictures in it
Has fruit in it, has a crust, bake it in the oven, eat it, food, dessert
Animal, lives on a farm, says "oink", has 4 legs, has curly tail
On your bed, put your head on it, soft and fluffy, sleep on it                
Food, has cheese, has pepperoni, is round, eat it, get from Pizza Hut, 
delivery man brings it
Dish, flat, round, put food on it, used for eating
Toy, play with it, roll it in a ball, cut in shapes, comes in a can
Filled with water, has a diving board, has steps, where you swim, in the 
backyard/at the club
Pool table
Has pool balls, has sticks, covered with felt, made from wood, play pool on 
it, furniture?
Post office
Where the mailman works, has lots of letters and packages, where you take things to mail it, building
Brown, makes French fries/mashed potatoes/baked potatoes, eat them, food, vegetable
Comes from corn, cook it in the microwave, put butter/salt on it, eat it, snack, food
Orange, has a stem, carve it, jack-o-lantern, put a candle in it, have them at Halloween, vegetable
Girls carry them, put stuff in it, has a strap, has a zipper/snap/button
Has many pieces, put it together, makes a picture, toy


Use to clean your ears, has cotton, has a stick, carefully put in your ears!

Has a fluffy tail, has long ears, eats carrots, animal
Has speakers, has a dial, listen to music on it
Comes from clouds, water, makes the plants grow, makes you wet, makes puddles
Made up of different colors, see it after it rains, up in the sky
Clothing, wear when it rains, protects you from rain, made of plastic, has 
a hood
Has a handle, use it in the yard, rakes up leaves, tool
Appliance, in the kitchen, keeps food cold, where (juice) goes, has a 
Rudolph, has a red nose, animal, pull sleigh
Changes the channel, has buttons, use with the TV, is black/gray
Wear it on your finger, made of metal, jewelry
Roller coaster
Has rails, has cars, at the amusement park, goes high up in the air, ride
Rubber bands
Stretchy, brown, holds things together, made of plastic
Long, has inches, has centimeters, has feet, measures things, school supply


White, put it on your food, makes food taste better
Brown/white, scratchy, at the beach, build sandcastles with it
Sandals/Flip flops
Have straps, wear on your feet, wear them in the summer, shoes/clothing
Eat for lunch, peanut butter and jelly, made with bread, put lunchmeat on 
it, put Mayo/mustard on it
Santa Claus
Wears a red suit, has a white beard, brings presents, drives a sleigh, has elves and reindeer, comes on Christmas Eve, comes down the chimney
Brown, greasy, cook it on the stove, eat it for breakfast, food
Has a dial, stand on it, weighs you, in the bathroom
Clothing, long, made of yarn, wear around your neck
Where you go to learn, where you see Mrs. Cloyse, has a cafeteria, has a 
library, bus takes you home from it
School bus
Vehicle, ride in it, takes kids to school, yellow, lets kids off at home
Have a handle, has blades, sharp, use to cut, school supply
Wash your hair with it, comes in a bottle, use in the shower, is a liquid, 
makes bubbles, use with conditioner
Furniture, put books on it, put games on it, made of wood
Clothing, has buttons, hangs in the closet, wear it, has a collar
Has a handle, use it to dig, use it outside
White, covered with fluff, lives on a farm, says “baa”, animal
Put them on your bed, cover up with them, keep in the linen closet
Clothing, wear on your feet, wear when you go outside, protect your feet, 
have laces/Velcro, put on after your socks
Has medicine in it, goes in your arm, stings/hurts, get it at the doctor’s office, makes you feel better
Has a shower curtain, faucet, drain, wash your hair in it, makes you clean
Wash your hands in it, in the kitchen or bathroom, put dirty dishes in it, 
get water from it, has a faucet, has a drain
Girls wear it, wear it on your legs, has a zipper, clothing
Long and skinny, wear them on your feet, use them when skiing, sports equipment
Sleeping bag
Has a zipper, stuffed with fluffy, sleep in it, use when you are sleeping on the floor/camping
Has a ladder, has a part to slide down on, at the park, in the backyard
Have a heel, wear on your feet, wear when it’s cold, keep your feet warm, clothing/shoes
Has a long tongue, hisses, crawls on the ground, animal
Has shoelaces/Velcro, wear on your feet, wear with socks, shoes/clothing
White, cold, make snowmen with it, make snowballs with it, in winter

Frosty, made of snow, melts, has a carrot nose
Clothing, wear outside when it's cold, zips up
Use in the shower/at the sink, comes in a bar, makes you clean, wash with 
it, makes bubbles, smells good
Soccer ball
Black and white, kick it, dribble it, juggle it, kick it into a goal, play soccer with it, toy/sports equipment
Clothing, wear with shoes, keep feet warm, made from yarn/cloth, has a 
heel, has a toe, come in pairs
Liquid, hot, eat it with a spoon, has vegetables/noodles/etc., eat it in a bowl, food
Has sauce on it, has noodles, eat with a fork
Has 8 legs, makes a web, insect/bug
Has a handle, eat ice cream/soup/etc with it, made of metal/plastic, silverware/something you eat with
Hooks on to the hose, squirts water, waters the grass/plants, play in it
Walk up them, take you upstairs, have carpet on them, in a 2 story house
Uses staples, holds papers together, Made of metal, squeeze it together
Plays music, has speakers, has a volume button, plays the radio
Gets hot, cook food on it, found in kitchen, has burners, has knobs
Hang by the fireplace, fill with candy and toys
Plastic, long, drink with it, put it in your drink
Red, eat it, food, fruit
Shaped like a rectangle, put clothes in it, take it on a trip
Yellow, hot, round, makes light, in the sky, see it during the daytime
Have lenses, wear them on your eyes, wear them when it’s sunny, shade your eyes
White, put in on your skin, put in on before you go outside, keeps your from getting a sunburn
Red, fruit, has seeds
Has wheels, has a seat, kids sit in it, mommy’s push it
White, sweet, put it on cereal, food
Made of yarn, wear it when it’s cold, wear it on your chest/arms, keeps you warm, wear it in winter, clothing
Toy, found at park, found in backyard, push it, play on it


Has legs, made of wood, in the kitchen, eat at it, work at it, furniture
Comes in a shell, food, get at taco bell, crunchy
On a roll, keeps things together, see-through, use when you wrap presents
Tape recorder
Has buttons, put tape in it, makes music, toy
White, in your mouth, chew with them, brush them (with toothbrush)
Talk on it, answer it, has buttons, has a cord, rings, use it to call people
Tennis Ball
Yellow, round, hit it with tennis racket, bounces, toy/sports equipment
Has a door, has windows, has a zipper, sleep in it outside, use it when you’re camping
Long and skinny, put in your mouth, takes your temperature, use it when your sick
Thomas the Tank
Train, on TV, blue, Percy’s friend
Animal, has stripes, roars, lives in the jungle, runs fast
Friend of Pooh, bounces, jump, orange and black, in the Tigger movie
appliance, put bread in it, toasts bread/bagel, has a plug, gets hot
White, found in bathroom, go pee in it, go poop in it, flush it
Toilet paper
Wipe yourself with it, made of paper, on a roll, shaped like a circle, by 
the toilet
Round, red, put it on sandwiches, fruit
Has handle, bristles, cleans your teeth, put toothpaste on it, keep it in the        bathroom
Put on your toothbrush, makes your teeth clean, tastes like____, comes in a 
Toy store
Store, buy toys, buy games
Dries you off, use after a shower/bath, soft and fluffy, made of cloth
Runs on tracks, has a conductor/engineer, takes people places, vehicle, has a   caboose, says choo-choo
Training wheels
Have wheels, go on your bike, help you to ride better
Has railing, jump on it, bouncy, in the backyard
Where trash goes, has a bag, has a lid, where garbage goes, where you throw 
things away
Grows outside, has branches, has leaves, gives us a shade, has a trunk, has bark,    plant, has roots, green and brown, has pinecones/acorns
Has feathers, has wings, has a gobbler, says “gobble gobble”, bird, eat it  for Thanksgiving, lives on a farm, animal/food
Has a shell, has 4 legs, has a tail, lays eggs, lives near the water, animal
Has a screen, has a plug, uses a remote, watch shows/movies on it


Has a handle, has a frame, open and close it, keeps you dry, use it when it rains
Clothing, wear under your clothes, wear on your bottom


Cleans dirt from carpet, plug it in, push & pull it, loud, has a bag on it
Put flowers in it, put water in it, made of glass
Toy, look thru it, shows your pictures


Eat it for breakfast, food, put syrup on it, put butter on it, put whip cream on it
Toy, pull it, put stuff in it, ride in it, has 4 wheels
Use in the bathtub/shower, clean yourself with it, use with soap, cleans your body
Washing machine
Has dials, put detergent in it, put dirty clothes in it, in the laundry room, appliance
Has a face, has hands, wear it on your wrist, tells you the time, jewelry, uses   batteries 
Get at the sink, wash hands in it, take a bath in it, swim in it, boats 
float on it, fish swim in it, wet, drink it
Red on inside and green on outside, has black seeds, eat it, fruit, messy
Has a handle, has 2 wheels, put stuff in it, use it outside to carry things
Winnie the Pooh
Bear, full of fluff, in movies, friend with Tigger
Wrapping paper
Made of paper, put around presents, held together with tape, cut with 


Black and white, has stripes, lives in the zoo, animal
On your pants, closes things up, on jacket

Where you see lions, tigers, elephants, etc., where the zookeeper works, where animals live

taken from http://teachearlyautism.blogspot.com/2013/11/feature-function-class-ffc-data-sheet.html