Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Favorite Books

Some of my favorite books (I know there are more great books, but I am only recommending books I have read)

For Kids:

Shredderman  (The main character uses brains not brawn to outsmart the bully)

Rules by Cynthia Lord  (Book about sister with an autistic brother) Currently reading with my children

The Blue Bottle Mystery by Kathy Hoopmann (Main Character has AS) love this author

Lisa and the Lacemaker by K Hoopmann

Of Mice and Aliens by K Hoopmann

All cats have Asperger Syndrome by K Hoopmann

All of the Andrew Clements books (Great Social Stories, we always have great discussions)

All of Becky Bailey's Shubert Books

Simon's Hook by Karen Gedig Burnett (all about Bullying)

Personal Space Camp by Julie Cook (another GREAT author that really understands our kids) All about personal space

A bad case of tattle tongue by Julia Cook

My mouth is a volcano by Julia Cook

Sorry by Trudy Ludwig When "sorry" is just not enough

Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig

Say Something by Peggy Moss -Great book about standing up for those that are picked on.  (Great for friends and siblings)

My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig 

Hank Zipzer Books by Henry Winkler (YES the Fonz) books about a boy with ADHD

Cory Stories: A kids book about living with ADHD by Jeanne Kraus and Whitney Martin

Brotherly Feelings by Sam Frender and Robin Schiffmiller (Great for siblings)

Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome? by Jude Welton (Great for family members and teachers)

For Parents:

The Asperger Parent by Jeffrey Cohen (SO funny!)

The ADHD Autism Connection by Diane Kennedy (Christian perspective)

Louder than Words by Jenny McCarthy (GREAT book, but foul language)

Parenting Your Asperger Child by Alan Sohn and Cathy Grayson (In the process of reading, I have highlighted most of this book!)

All of Becky Bailey's books- I love you rituals, Easy to Love difficult to discipline, Conscience Discipline

From Chaos to Calm by Janet Heininger and Sharon Weiss (Written from the perceptive of the Mom, Behavior Specialist and the child, AWESOME)

Transforming the Difficult Child by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley

I have many more, but it is getting late so I will add more at another time!

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