Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My goal is to share info with other families with children on the spectrum.  I am not an expert, but know that there is not enough places the list resources.  As i find about about programs, i will list them here.  Hope this helps you and your family!

Jurdy- www.jurdy.com- Click on the Autism tab, then look through the Archives.  The social rules and cartoons are great!

ECHO program- Military program- Tricare Extended Care health Option (ECHO) provides financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries who qualify based on specific mental or physical disabilities.  ECHO benefits are only available to qualifies active duty family members.ECHO program may not exceed $2500 per month. (Pays for ABA therapy)  www.tricare.mil/

www.stompproject.org- Specialized Training of Military Parents  

www.anybabycansa.org- State agency that provides services for families with children with autism.

www.wrightslaw.com- the first place to look when you are seeking info about laws pertaining to special ed.

www.brightonsa.org- a Center for Inclusive Communities, provides training, and advocacy 

www.modelmekids.com-  Great video to teach social skills for kids by kids and super fast shipping!!

www.grasp.org- The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership

www.autism-in-the-christian-home.com  helping your child with Autism at home



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