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Financial Assistance Sources

Financial Assistance Sources

Got this from Yahoo Group Military Families Autism Support

Autism Research Institute offers a military family web page at with the following benefits.

*FREE "Recovering Autistic Children” book*, a 468 page paperback book, which normally costs $24.00. To order- print, complete and fax or mail in the form at the web link of, along with a copy of the front of your military ID card. Please fill out all the blocks, so we can start a database on what services military children with autism may be getting from TRICARE. Fax the form to 619-563-6840 with a
copy of your military ID card along with your name and postal address, or mail it to Autism Research Institute, 4182 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116. There is a strict limit of one copy per family. Recovering Autistic Children, edited by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. and Bernard Rimland,
Ph.D. is the extensively updated and enlarged revision of Treating Autistic Children, which was published in 2003.

*25% discount on Autism Research Institute's (ARI) conferences. * You will need to show your military ID when picking up your materials at the on-site
registration booth at the conference. More info on this offer is at

*Possible Funding Resources:*

4-A Healing Foundation at can provide financial assistance for children that require biomedical treatments.

Advantages Online Private Schools at offers 15% off private school tuition for military families.

Aid for Autistic Children Foundation at

Air Warrior Courage Foundation at

Angel Flight at http://www.angelfli ghtmidatlantic. org or Mercy Medical at
http://www.mercymed, and Patient Travel at offer free air travel for special needs families.

Autism Escapes at arranges air travel on private jets for families in need of medical care for their children.

Autism Care and Treatment (ACT) Today at provides grant money for families that cannot afford or access the treatments their
autistic children need.

Autism Cares at helps families to cover costs associated with critical living expenses.

Autism One offers a $49 conference fee for the entire week to military families at

Autism Relief Foundation at assists
http://autismrelieffoundation. comfamilies financially.

Believe In Tomorrow Children's Foundation offers adventure programs, respite housing and vacations at
http://www.believeintomorrow. org/housing_ military. html.

Conover Company at has iPad grant opportunities.

Danny’s Wish and Let’s Chat Autism at

Disabled Children's Relief Fund at helps physically-challeng ed children.

Easter Seals Champions for Children at http://www.championsforchildrenga. org

First Hand Foundation at https://applications.cerner. com/firsthand helps children with health-related needs when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children at is a national provider of mobility aids and daily living devices for people with disabilities

Friends of Man at

Generation Rescue family grants at family-grant.html.

Hannah’s Helping Hands grants at

HollyRod Foundation at is a source for an iPads donation.

Houston Enzymes at offers a military discount of 30% off retail price of enzyme products. This offer is for enzyme products only, and not in combination with other offers or discounts.

iHelp for Special
Needs< /Need_An_ iPad_App. html>at
http://www.ihelpforspecialneeds. com provides help in raising funds to purchase the assistive technology you need.

iTaalk Autism Foundation <> at is a possible source for an iPad donation.

Kirkman Labs at provides a 25% discount on all of their own products.

Laurel Springs School at home offers 15% off private school tuition for military families.

Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy at is offering a $20 savings for first time military customers (active and retired) and they
accept TRICARE. More info is at

K¹² Schools at families offers 15% off private school tuition for military families.

Lend4Health facilitates community-based, interest-free "micro-loans" as a creative funding option for individuals seeking optimal health at

Loud Mommy at provides some iPad's for families in need. Finances and child's condition are the deciding factors for Loud Mommy.

Master Supplements provides a $10 discount per bottle of their Theralac High Potency Probiotic Supplement by calling in an order to (800) 926-2961,
extension 3. More info is at

MyGOAL at ograms/index. htm offers enrichment grants to enable families to take advantage of socialization and
educational opportunities designed for individuals with special needs.

National Autism Association at has a list of helpful websites and grants through the Helping Hand Project at

National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass - FREE Access Pass at

Olive You Foundation at provides grants to help children who have speech and language disorders.

Patient Advocate Foundation at provides patients with arbitration, mediation and negotiation to settle issues with access to care, medical debt, and job retention related to their illness.

Project Devin (a partner of Abilities Network Project ACT) at

The Puzzling Piece at donates iPads as part of their sales efforts.

Small Steps in Speech at

Social Security Disability Benefits & SSi Disability Claims at offers assistance with those claims.

Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) has a Family Scholarship program. Scholarships are available for autism conferences, an autism doctor initial visit, and the holiday Adopt a Family program. See for details and applications.

United Healthcare Children's Foundation at

Washington Access Fund at offers low-income individuals with disabilities and their families up to $4,000 and receive an equal amount in matching funds to help pay for assistive technologies.

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