Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review of AFLS

So I spent the money b/c I was curious about this assessment tool.  Here is my review:

  1. It is set up like the ABBLS-R
  2. The protocol for Functional Living Skills covers Meals at Home, Dishes, Clothing & Laundry, Housekeeping & Chores, Household Mechanics (i.e. addressing envelope, use plunger, replace batteries), Leisure ( looks at book/ magazines, play board games, engages in leisure activity with variety of partners) Kitchen and Cooking.  
  3. This is not a super think book, but is well done
  4. The protocol for Community Participation Skills covers Basic mobility (walking, driving, elevators), Community Knowledge (community signs, id community helpers, give others directions to home) Shopping (vending machines, locates items in store, pays for items), Eat in Public, Money, Phone, Time (calendar, calls others if running late)and Social Awareness & manners (excuses self is interrupting a conversation, responds approp to teasing).
  5. I love this one!!
  6. The protocol for Basic Living Skills covers Self Management (aggression towards otehrs, following directions from mult. caregivers takes approp action to deal with or report wrongdoing by others), Basic Communication (label location, prepositions, answer What questions) Dressing, Toileting, Grooming (mouthwash, rinses sink, clips and cleans fingernails), Bathing, Health, Safety & First aid (checks if things are hot, keeps door shut when stranger knocks), Nighttime Routine (set alarm clock, gets up indep in the morning when alarm rings)
  7. This one is also well put together but not as helpful to me as the others.  If I work with the adult population I feel this would be more helpful.
Overall I would say this is a great assessment tool.


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