Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fun Poem....Twas the Night Before Social Groups

T’was the night before social groups, the first of June
All the ABA therapist were stirring, whistling a happy tune
The curriculum was ready, all activities prepared
In hopes that all the children soon would be there.

On the 2nd, the children awoke all fresh from their sleep
With visions of games and toys and friendships to keep
Behavior Matters’ staff a work with a smile
Ready to go the extra mile.

​When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
The therapists sprang to the ​window to see what’s the matter.
Out of the window, they saw in a flash
A gaggle of children approaching the clinic in a dash.

While the sun did shine for 20 hours straight
Giving hopes of a summer’s activity that just can’t wait.
As the children arrived we heard the names they would call
Hi Chad, Hey Dale, they ran through them all
Then into the clinic with children in tow, 
I heard someone exclaim, “It’s fun time, let’s go!”
Written by J & R Edge

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